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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of increasing your rank or position in search engine results in order to receive free or organic traffic from search results. Since Google is by far the largest and most widely used search engine, we decided to put 100% of our focus on it. Experience has proven that being ranked at the top of a Google search results page equates to a steady stream of highly targeted traffic to your website. From there, a percentage of this traffic converts into leads, sales, phone calls, etc.

At Premiere Position, we made the decision early on to never outsource our SEO in order to maintain our strict quality standards. Too many times we have seen clients reeling from improperly done SEO by companies that make big promises but never deliver. At worst, such companies outsource their work – pure arbitrage – increasing the chances of Google penalties.

We achieve high rankings for our clients by following strict Google SEO principles and never compromise our integrity. Furthermore, our bespoke approach expertly leverages the power of video and social media to boost Google rankings and deliver our best-in-class SEO results quickly. We believe that a proper online marketing strategy must always be aligned with an expert understanding and up-to-date knowledge of the continuously evolving landscape of Google SEO. To this end, we are one of the rare SEO firms in the nation that fund our own R&D and share our findings with other top SEOs so that together we can see the clearest picture of not only what works today, but what will work tomorrow.


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