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Local Search

Drive foot traffic to your physical location with Google traffic.

Proper local SEO is not based on proximity. Local search optimization has one distinction from standard Google SEO in that it has the added advantage of Google Maps. Every local business can be found through its Google Maps listing. As such, if your business is not ranking in the top 3, or better yet very first position, in Google Maps for your product or service in your location, then you are quite simply in dire need of local SEO.

For example, let’s say you own an Organic Restaurant in Santa Monica. If you open Google search and type¬†Organic Restaurant Santa Monica or simply Organic Restaurant while you are physically in Santa Monica (make sure location settings are turned on) you should be able to quickly find yourself on the Google Maps listing that appears at the top of search results (coincidentally if you do type in that keyword phrase you will see our client, Superfood Cafe, prominently at the #1 spot).

We help all local businesses, located anywhere in the United States, be found on Google. Our bespoke approach not only includes ranking your business at the top of Google Maps results, but also your website, social media properties and videos on Google search results for complete local domination.


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